Aurora Plastics Brands

The AuroraShield™ line of PVC / acrylic alloy capstocks are highly weatherable, pelletized compounds designed for exterior applications such as fencing, siding, decking, arbors / pergolas, windows and doors. Learn more.

Auroralite™ PVC cellular foam includes powder compounds that generate lightweight, low-density profiles ideal for interior / exterior trim work, windows, garage doors, weather seals, decking, railing, slat wall and much more. Learn more.

AuroraFlex™ materials include flexible PVC, PVC/Nitriles, custom TPOs, TPEs and CPEs, with a variety of physical properties required for non-rigid applications, including hoses, shoe soles, cove base molding and more. Learn more.

AuroraClean™ purge compounds are designed to clean plastics extrusion machinery. Manufacturers often need to clean machinery when changing resin color or simply to remove black specks or contaminations. Learn more.

AuroraPrene™ SBS and SEBS compounds utilize multiple TPE chemistries to impart high performance properties for durability and easy processing. Learn more.

AuroraGuard™ compounds include rigid PVC, TPOs and TPEs that provide high-heat, low-smoke, zero-halogen and flame-retardant properties. Learn more.

AuroraTec™ is Aurora Plastics’ line of weatherable and non-weatherable rigid PVC compounds. Learn more.