Technical Service

Quality PVC Compounds

Customizing for Our Customers

PVC compounding remains one of the best ways to tailor a material to an application.  Whether your product requires a specific certification, color, cell class, UV resistance or special property, the Aurora Plastics Technology Team is there from the beginning to ensure that you receive a PVC compound that meets your needs. We also offer different packaging options and can tailor our deliveries to help with your inventory management.

Let us get involved early in your process. We will analyze and understand the application, and help specify a material that supports your design interests. Our goal is to work as your partner, making your products better and your company more profitable.

State-of-the-Art Facilities Advance Quality & Consistency

Aurora Plastics boasts the two newest facilities in the industry, located in Streetsboro, Ohio and Welcome, North Carolina. Designed to remove all non value-added steps in the manufacturing operations, our facilities optimize best practices and have the most current technologies. As a result, we have set the benchmark on product quality and lot-to-lot consistency in the industry.

  • Industry leading tolerances on manufacturing processes
  • Only prime raw materials are used in production
  • Dedicated silos, tote bins and all inventory is controlled through automation
  • Rheology, color and powder/pellet properties are measured several times during production
  • In-house R&D laboratory including a complete analytical equipment portfolio
  • Technical team is experienced, offering cutting edge technology, and providing field proven and laboratory verified compounds